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Reducing Stress To Pain Relief: Expert Shares 6 Benefits Of Prenatal Massages For Pregnant Women

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Pregnancy, while is one of the most magical phases in a woman’s life, can be challenging for many. Coupled with physical changes, muscle tension, and stress, ‘discomfort’ to define the struggles of an expecting woman is an understatement. However, prenatal massage can bring relief to sore muscles and reduce anxiety, leading to better sleep and a positive impact on the mother and the baby.

To understand the importance of prenatal massage, we connected with Dr Chetna Jain, Director Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Sector 14, Gurugram. She said, “Massages are often recommended during pregnancy, but it’s crucial to approach them with caution and under the guidance of healthcare professionals. Prenatal massages, specifically designed for expectant mothers, can offer numerous benefits.”

Prenatal Massage Relieves Pain

During massages, the expert can target specific regions where you might be experiencing a little pain, especially sciatic nerves and back. A good massage can release tension and offer relief without the administration of medicines.

Prenatal Massage Reduces Tension In Muscles

prenatal massage reduce muscle tension

The expert said that pregnancy can increase muscle tension, especially around the hips and lower back because the growing belly puts pressure on these areas. A session of prenatal massage can focus on the areas and provide relief from discomfort. 

Prenatal Massage Improve Circulation

Explaining the benefits of a prenatal massage, the expert said that it can enhance blood and lymph circulation. It is necessary to reduce swelling in various parts of the body and promote overall well-being.

Prenatal Massage Reduces Stress

prenatal massage reduce stress

Dr Jain said, “Pregnancy comes with its own set of stressors.” However, she suggested that prenatal massages offer women the best way to relax and alleviate pain. These are also known to release endorphins, happy and relaxing hormones, that establish a sense of well-being and reduce stress.

Prenatal Massage Offer Emotional Support

According to the doctor, the nurturing touch during a massage session has a positive impact on emotions. Apart from reducing anxiety, it can also help with depression (Postpartum Depression), a common condition many pregnant women deal with.

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Prenatal Massage Promotes Better Sleep

prenatal massage reduce sleep

One of the common struggles for pregnant women is trouble sleeping. You cannot find the perfect comforting and cosy position to doze off. Massage therapy can promote relationships and improve the quality of sleep while helping you combat insomnia (How Insomnia Affects Health). 

3 Precautions To Take Before Going For A Prenatal Massage 

According to Dr Jain, an expecting woman and her partner must be cautious while booking a prenatal massage session. Here are a couple of things that you need to be wary of,

  • Choose a qualified therapist who has experience in prenatal massages because the person must be aware of the specific needs and consider that come as a disclaimer with a pregnant woman.
  • Avoid a few techniques and pressure points to ensure that the expecting woman and her unborn child are safe.
  • Before you decide to go ahead with a prenatal massage session, you must consult with your healthcare expert. They will ensure that you don’t have any complications. 

The doctor added that after a relaxing session, pregnant women should not forget to hydrate, and skip such sessions in the first trimester of pregnancy. You should be avoiding excessively warm environments and abdominal massage too. 



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